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Woodbridge Event Dates 2020

Motocross (contact 07963 118917) Circuit postcode IP17 1LG


Saturday 7th March - Practice Day

Sunday 26th April - ACU Eastern Motocross Championship -

Sunday 31st May – MXGB ACU British Motocross Championship – Round 5

Sunday 19th July – ACU Eastern Motocross Championship

Sunday 6th September – Open Motocross including NGR Championship and 85cc Class



Enduro (contact 07730 563553)


Sunday 21st June at Blaxhall         Sprint Enduro (round of the ACU Eastern Enduro Championship)

Sunday 23rd August at Butley       ACU Eastern Enduro Championship



Trials (contact 07803 270853)


10th April (Good Friday)        Westleton

Sunday 25th October            TBA

Sunday 27th December         Butley


All trials events are C class Pre 70 ACU Eastern championship, plus Twinshocks.


The club are also planning a couple of Saturday evening trials during the Summer.