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A message from your Chairman.

By woodbridgedmcc, Jun 22 2020 10:01AM

I hope I am finding you all hale and hearty, and the worst of your feelings are frustration at not being able to live the life and do the things we used to.

I am not going to go into the details of what is still a national and worldwide emergency, the likes of which have not been seen in any of our lifetimes. It is, suffice to say, that Covid 19 is still a clear and present danger to us all, albeit in varying degrees depending on your age or health status.

Obviously, as an ACU affiliated Club we are bound to a large extent by the guidance they are giving, regarding being able to run events. Their guidance is in turn dependant on advice coming from the Government, which is being updated on a regular basis. As things stand at this time, the guidance given and the restrictions imposed make holding events in all our three disciplines unworkable and uneconomic.

We are, however, hopeful that the situation will improve in the medium term, and that we will be able to get some events up and running from August or September onwards. Our teams of organisers are as keen to get going as you are to get your bike out; we are looking at what procedures and protections we need to put in place to safeguard everybody's wellbeing. There are likely to be strict restrictions on the numbers of riders, how many people can accompany any rider, food outlets and many other things that we have come to accept as normal. The world is now a very different place, but we will do our best to get our sports going again as soon as we are able.

In the meantime, please stay safe and vigilant.

Trevor Andrews.

Chairman Woodbridge & DMCC Ltd

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