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Media Protocol for 2021 Motocross Events

By woodbridgedmcc, Mar 26 2021 09:57PM

For 2021 we will be changing our Media Process for Photographers and Videographers wishing to go trackside at Blaxhall.

All Media Personal wishing to go trackside will be required to £2 Million Public Liability to cover Photography/Videography.

As an addition for the Revo MXGB ACU British Motocross Championship, all Media wishing to go trackside must have a current DBS certificate, this is a new require from RHL/ACU for the Championship.

Finally, members of the Media Must apply to Track Access by email to [email protected] with a copy of your Public Liability and DBS Certificate (if required) on the Friday one week prior to Club events, and Friday two weeks prior for ACU British Motocross Championship.

Open Motocross and NGR 25th April – Restricted due to Covid

Eastern Motocross Championship 23rd May (TBC) – Deadline 14th May (PL needed)

Eastern Motocross Championship 11th July – Deadline 2nd July (PL needed)

MXGB 15th August - Deadline 30th July (PL and DBS needed)

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