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Just to prove that the trials secretary can actually ride a bike here's a picture taken of yours truly at Blaxhall a few years ago (note the classy single finger clutch control).

I can't remember if I cleaned this section or if I ended up in an undignified heap, have done plenty of both in the twenty or so years that I've been riding. Trevor.


Contact Details



Trevor Andrews

07803 270853




Laurie Bird Memorial Butley Trial 27/12/16 results


Dates For 2017


 Good Friday 14th April - Blaxhall

Sunday 29th October - Rendlesham Forest - Results - Page1 - Page2 - Report

Sunday 31st December - Butley

All trials events are C class Pre 70 ACU Eastern championship, plus Twinshocks.


The club are also planning a couple of Saturday evening trials during the Summer.